Consulting Post Production Manager/Senior Editor

Brought in alongside Production Manager Sebastian Stein, I worked as a consultant, helping oversee productions at Vice Japan for the duration of their Youtube content contract. We took charge of a highly talented yet inexperienced team, addressing issues in efficiency, quality and also the need to dramatically up the quantity of output.

Working closely with the staff we put in place a system with clear communication channels, schedules and deadlines, which would allow them to focus on more creative contributions. We also developed content ideas and increased the volume of output, supporting and expanding networks. Meanwhile by carefully QC'ing and advising on the delivery end we were able to speed up the strict approval process from both the US Vice office and that of our Youtube client.

Over the years, the team won several accolades, and was well regarded both internationally and locally.  

2012 ~2014 Vice Japan Team
Content Manager - Tomo Kosuga
Translation Supervisor - Lena Oishi
Translators - Luke Baker, Alex Ko Ransom
Activation - Chihiro Tomiyama

Production Manager/Senior Producer - Sebastian Stein
Post Production Manager/Senior Editor - Eiji Iwakawa
In-house Producers - Yuka Uchida, Joseph George, Ty Demura
Editors - Akira Kamitaki, Tomoyuki Shiotani
Production Assistants - Ryuzo Tsutsui

Camera - Nobutaka Shirahama, Keivan Salehpour

Youtube comments:
"I find myself watching more VICE Japan than the U.S. VICE." - Mackenson Sparks on "Underground Fighters of Japan"

"great documentary vice japan, very interesting, informative, and unique. MAD RESPECT!" - 6hs2 on "Girls' Who Do Porn"

"A truly compelling story expertly told. Balanced, well judged and with some touching human moments. The sort of clearheaded filmmaking that can make a difference." - Guy Bolongaro on "Japan's Innocent on Death Row"
Selected Works:
"Japan's Innocent on Death Row"
"A Day With..." Series
"Underground Fighters of Japan"
"Rising From the Tokyo Projects"
"Sex Church"

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