Inside Lens, a special documentary series on NHK world featuring the works of international filmmakers in Japan and Asia ( I have been working as an editor on a number of programmes, while also acting initially as a post production consultant.​​​​​​​

No Elderly Left Behind" - Dir: Irene Herrera

Japan's ageing society is leading to more and more people becoming isolated, even in big cities. In response, the government launched many initiatives to combat the problems faced by its senior citizens and ensure that age is no barrier to a good quality of life. Directed by Irene Herrera, this film is a touching insight into the lives of Tokyo senior citizens, and in particular one care worker, who won't let her age get in the way of work.

"Viewer Monitoring" Feedback:
"Excellent program... It was full of motivations and inspirations. The program title itself summed up the whole program"- Kenya Viewer

"I feel I have learned something new and took a more intimate glance inside Japan and its society. I feel that the programme made one think about our own elderly...consider their wellbeing and more as well" - UK Viewer

"(I enjoyed) the high quality put into the production of the documentary. I also liked how the episode was edited and flowed." - Australia Viewer

"Wow... what a nice way to end my monitoring period. The program covers the issues of isolation among elderly very well." - India Viewer
"Cracked Foundations" - Dir: Irene Herrera

How Japan's crippling labour shortage is impacting the construction industryin the lead up to the 2020 Olympics.

"Bridging Muslims and Japan" - Dir: Michael Penn

Uncovering the little known world of Japanese muslims and the struggles they face in daily Japanese life.
"Masked Nation" - Dir: Luis Patron

A look into Japan's obsession with masks - how it came about and how it is evolving into a cultural phenomena.​​​​​​​

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