Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan - “Sharing Solutions"

A series of 6 TVC films for the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aired globally on CNN. The films aim to promote private and governmental initiatives made by Japan to tackle the biggest problems in the world, and present Japan as an active global player. The format was a 3 minute film,  presenting two case studies that show Japan's involvement in solving a global issue.

For this project, I was involved in the original pitch, as well as in directing two of the films and overseeing elements of the rest. It was a hectic. globetrotting production with a tight schedule and ever changing brief, however the team pulled together well to produce some great films under difficult circumstances. Special mention to Irene Herrera, Marcio Edagi and Yumi Aoyama at Imago Machina and producer Mami Akari for helping make the project happen.

Client: MOFA Japan Government
Agency: Hakuhodo
Production: CNN Create
Production Company: Imago Machina

Project Management and Creative Consultant, Director/Editor: Eiji Iwakawa (Fu Films)
DOP's: Tsubasa Matsumoto, Nobutaka Shirahama, David Allen

Watch 2 of the films below (password: MOFA)
"Sharing Solutions - Adapting to Ageing Societies" (Director's Cut)
"Sharing Solutions - Parasports for All" (Director's Cut)
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